HOW To Play Speedball

Before starting sports


Speedball is a competitive sport with abundant momentum. For this reason the preparation movement is indispensable. 

Please perform stretching and joint loosening etc. well in both upper body and lower body such as hand ~ arm ~ shoulder, waist ~ foot ~ ankle etc. 

Rackets used with speed balls have some weight. If you make a hard play immediately without preparatory exercise, there are cases in which you will hurt your shoulders etc. when you racket your racket. Please prepare exercise firmly and try to prevent injury. 

When enjoying sports in summer, let's pay attention to heat stroke regardless of outdoor or indoor. If you sweat, do hydration regularly, please enjoy the speed ball correctly and safely. 

○ Speedball features that you can enjoy easily, rich momentum. 

○ Let's prepare sufficient preparation gymnastics and stretch. 

○ Slightly heavier racket weight than tennis racket. Let's carefully loosen joints such as shoulders and wrists.

○ Take care of heat stroke and do hydration regularly.

1. Basic rules: match game (singles / doubles)


■ Serve, receive, and alternate rally. Easy rules common to racket sports 

Match games are conducted with simple rules common to other racquet sports such as tennis, table tennis and badminton. 

The game begins with Serve and Receive, and alternately repeats balls of opponent and rally. 

Saab rights are exchanged for each score. Players alternately serve and progress the game. 

Saab puts his feet on the service mark and hits it horizontally in the clockwise direction. 

In a rally battle, you must hit the opponent's hit ball in the opposite direction within two laps. 

If the opponent can not beat back, it will be a score. 

The game score will compete in a set of 10 points in a set. I change the coat every set. 

If you pre-empt two sets, you win the game. 

In the case of doubles competition, as a table tennis pair of players alternate balls for each ball alternately to continue the rally. 

Speedball court has no net like tennis or table tennis, but instead of that there is a 60 cm wide Newtown zone in the center of the court. I will fight against opponent players with my own court so that I will not enter this neutral zone. 

2. Basic rules: Super solo


■ Aim at record of strokes with 4 kinds of right hand, left hand, two hand forehand, two hands backhand 

Speedball's Individual Competition · Super Solo will compete in how many strokes can be recorded with 4 different styles within a fixed time. For official competition measurements, elementary school students per subject for 30 seconds, junior high school students ~ adults for 1 minute. The interval between events and events is 30 seconds. 

The trick to increasing strokes is to keep constant rhythm and timing, to train both instantaneous power and endurance. 

It is a charm of solo competition that is similar to the feeling like competing for the number of jump rope and competing for the number of football lifting times. 

Switch between Right and Left hand


Measurement is started with cues (measurement of various eyes for 1 minute) 

First event: 1 minute 

right hand 

(Shake the racket and hit it with alternating both sides)

2nd event: 1 minute 

left hand 

(Shake the racket and hit it with alternating both sides)

Two hand forehand


Third event: 1 minute 

Two hand forehand 

(Swing both rackets inward with both hands and hit the ball with forehand)

Fourth event: 1 minute 

Both hands backhand 

(Shake the racket outward with both hands and hit the ball with backhand) 

※ The order of the events to beat is free

Both hands backhand


○ Compete the total number of strokes of the record of strokes struck in each minute eye by mastering the four striking methods. 

○ The interval is 30 seconds. 

○ The technique to adjust the rhythm and timing, the point where the training of instantaneous power and endurance extends the record ○ Simple but deeper, challenging to self is attractive.