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Speedball USA

Speedball is an exciting new sport being introduced to America by The president of The American Federation of Speedball Mr. Waleid Hanna . the sport originated in Egypt in the early 60s as a training aid for tennis players and since became a sport in its own right. While it’s being played in more than 25 countries .

Speedball is a racquet sport with players hitting forehand and backhand shots at a ball attached by a nylon line to a pole on a stand. The game can be played with one player (solo), or singles or doubles. The players use small racquets to hit the ball and score points in a game situation or count hits in solo play.

General Information

Speed-Ball is a racquet sport invented in Egypt in 1961 by Mohamed Lotfy for the training of beginner tennis players. Today it is a sport in its own right, enjoying popularity not only in Egypt but in other countries. Several of these countries make up the International Federation of Speed-Ball (FISB).


A hollow ball in latex revolves around a metallic mast (1,70m high) which is linked by a nylon thread (fishing thread type) of 1,70m length. The thread is knotted to the mast by a loop or a plastic ring freely revolving around a reel. The mast is fixed in a base from 40 kg to 90 kg. The ball is elliptic and is hit with a rigid plastic racquet with a small handle and a strings around 25 cm of diameter. The speed-ball court is about 6x4 m. for the single match and 8x6 m. for the doubles.

The International Federation of Speed-Ball (FISB)

The International Federation of Speed-Ball (FISB) was founded in 1984 by the membership of Egypt, France, and Japan. Several other countries joined the federation (Kuwait, KSA, Austria, Slovenia, Denmark, Sudan, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Afghanistan, UAE, ...).

Types of Competition


Speedball solo

In Super-solo, the aim is to hit the ball a maximum times in one minute. At first with the right hand, then a minute again with the left hand, then with two racquets in fore-hand only, then with two racquets in back-hand only. The number of hits of each movement is added to make the final score of the solo.

The duration of one movement is 30 seconds for the players under 14 years old and one minute for older players. A break of 30 seconds for all classes is granted behind each movement.


The player holds two rackets, one in each hand, and hits the ball with the racket in one hand and receives the ball by hitting it again with the racket in his other hand for a fixed time period.  The referee will count the hits during the time period.

The Solo Relay

Each team is composed of four players and each player will play one different type of play (position) for thirty seconds. The players play in succession each starting upon hearing the signal from the referee after thirty seconds.

Single Match

The single match is played by two players, each with one racquet. Each player has their own ground, separated by a neutral strip 60 cm wide (the diameter of the speed-ball's base). A match is divided into games of 10 points. The players attempt to hit the ball once each in turn, inverting its direction of rotation. To score points, the ball must pass twice successively across the opponent's ground, without the opponent being able to return it. If there is a fault, the point is missed and there is a new service. The service is alternated according to who wins each point. The first player to score 10 points wins the game. The first player who wins two games (three games for men's seniors) wins the match.

Double Match

The double match takes place like the single, in two teams of two players. In each team, the players serve and hit the ball alternatively. The general rules are the same as the single.

Specific mistakes involve the player's rotation and reception of the ball.


USA Founder

Waleid Hanna

President American Federation of Speedball

Mr. Waleid Hanna, an Egyptian American business man who moved to the U.S. and began building up successful businesses. Aside from this, he grew up playing Speedball and developed a great passion for the sport by the age of 12. Throughout the years, he aspired to establish this great, unique sport here in the states knowing how difficult it would be, while having high hopes of gaining the interest of others. With much dedication, determination, and hard work, he has surpassed the expectations of many and spread the word to a countless number of people. He has dedicated much of his time and put in a great amount of effort to make Speedball official. Though it was difficult and seemed impossible, Mr. Hanna made it possible. Especially with the many sports here in the U.S. and their competitive competition, Speedball is now growing and will be amongst the many competitive sports. Now, with your support, we can make Speedball part of the Olympics!

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