Double End Bag Work Out


An exercise punch ball that is extended between a ceiling and floor, with two elastic stretch cords.

The user, uses the SpeedBallUSA to exercise a full-body workout. Including: Tightening Biceps, Triceps, abdominal muscles,  cardiovascular endurance training and an ability to become very focused on a point of contact, which leads to a part of an incredible therapeutic exercise program.

Includes a Designed Punch Ball with a Designed Logo (SpeedBallUSA) Adjustable cords that fit between most ceiling and a floor, Patent Adjustable hooks, so that tall or shorter person (S) can easily adjust to their height size for better hitting and practicing positions. A Designer Plastic Base that the user fills with either sand or water. Necessary hardware for a wood beam  (eye hook hardware)punch ball and full instruction on how to set up this exercise and you can begin to use the new exercise punch ball immediately. Buy it NOW!

Watch my home demonstration: